26 February, 2011

How to Get the Time Machine

when you started ameba pigg, you should get the time machine.

time machine is 100AG or token.

Ameba pigg's time machine is a Desk.

① click おでかけ[travel] 

② you choose タイムトラベル [time travel]

③ the time machine is left side of タイムトラベル like this picture.

④ buy it [ token or 100AG] 

⑤ check your もようがえ box [ もようがえ is decor box]
⑥ the time machine is in your もようがえ[ decor box ]

⑦ a desk is pigg's time machine. like this picture.

so  you should get the time machine before you spent your tokens.


  1. Thank you so much! I've been on pigg at least over a year and I never realised you could get the time machine without AG ;o; <3 In fact to be honest, I'd never realised that the tokens did ^///^;

  2. almost newbie use token to buy the time machine.
    because newbie doesn't know they will buy AG or not...

    do you know how to get the token?
    pigg token is really few...

  3. Why do we need the Time Machine??