31 March, 2011

How to get a Token?

Have you already played Pigg Scratch Card?

The Token is in the Scratch Card.

★You can play 1 time par one day. 
★1 play 20 gummies. 
★It reset 0:00 am japan hour.
★1 card 1 token

Scratch Card is just right side of your pigg page.
① Click a panda button わくわく
② Click the right space "スクラッチ" scratch card.
③ Select a Card. Click a Gray button "カ〜ドを選びなおす"

this is card list. is token's place

④ When you choised a card then click pink button ""you give him 20 gummies. 
⑤ You will get a furniture or closet item. That's all.
★If you don't have 20 gummies you can not play the Scratch Card.
★When you complete one card you will get a complete item.
★Always Corner's 4 position is rare item.
Let's play scratch every day.


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  2. Yunaa !!! So Clever , you give me more cheat, and information.. thanks so much for you , by the way, in other times please give me how to earn ameba gold.. please,
    best wishes,
    my id pigg : Rimashayasmine
    add please.. :)Thank you ! I love you, YUNA

    1. you go on youtube and search "how to get free ameba pigg candy gold". alot of videos will show up on ow yo earn ameba pigg gold c: hope I helped

  3. Omayglob. ! Thanks *u* its really helped me a lot <3 Kyaaaaah I love you YUNA <3