14 June, 2011

Pigg Life has Released

new pigg game "Pigg Life" has released on 31 May 2011.
until on 1st June. Ameba had restricted new user to start, because it was just started, server's load has been added.

so you can start now.
③make your account.
④Don't forget tutorial. because after the tutorial you will get some coins and power drink.

pigg life how to start? how to play? quest list main page translation
cooking list event exchange items plant level list


  1. Uh.. yuna can i ask u something?
    I want to start pigg life but why its always error?

  2. recently to start pigg life it was always error.
    but today it is fixed.
    so try to start now

  3. how do i clear a plot of land?
    and my strawberries doesn't grow

  4. do you mean how do you delete the land?

    to delete a land. just ckick the もようがえ"Decor"

    then you click a land that you want to delete then you choose the right button 削除delete.
    if you want to move the land click left button 移動move.

  5. Thanks for explainging how to delete and move land! That helped me very much :D This blog is fantastic!

  6. Can I ask a question?
    I have 2 quest, one is the image of 2 small logs and the other is the Planter
    Do I simply buy these items and place them in my garden? I did this but I have not completed the quest so I am confused hehe

  7. sorry too late to answer.

    do you means the planter that is sold in the market? or something quest?

    i heard somewhere if it not effect to place items.
    reload and replace. did you place that plant 2 times?

    if you still can not tell me.

  8. Hi! Can I ask u a question?
    I always play Pigg but when I want to access in to Pigg life I can't do that It just stop at the page that show "login in" and keep going on like that. I also try to setting everything in my PC but still cant access in to it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi um im trying to get on pigg life i cant because i don't speak what ever its says can you help me please i need help

  10. kagimotoyy >>
    sorry i found your comment too late.
    especially last month, pigg life was too lag. still lag too.
    how about now?
    maybe it's better before.

  11. lovebug225>>
    If you read this blog well you can understand .
    that's why i made this blog.
    always too many question for me about pigg and pigg life.
    this blog is to play pigg and pigg life alone.
    and i dont want to aonntact directory in pigg and pigg life with foreigners.

    after you read my posts, if you still can not understand how to play, ask me what you cant understand.

  12. Hi Yuna^^
    Question: How do you make your garden bigger. I have seen some with more land to decorate & plant on.

    thank you^^

  13. i posted how to expand the garden.
    check the new post

  14. I was wondering if you had a stamp cheat. I am not sure how to get the life stamp no 5.

  15. ._. im New in ameba pigg
    and i cant Find the travel,buddy,games list, Buttons
    .-. can u help pleaseeee D:<?