05 June, 2011

How to play?

pigg life how to start? how to play? quest list main page translation
cooking list event exchange items plant level list
what's this?
where is it in?
When you login pigg life, if this button will be displayed, Click pink button"更新"as renewal.
It appears after the maintenance, for new event and system renewal.
after the maintenance top page
Life ticket
we can change some life ticket's items at the market. of course this ticket is not ameba gold's item.
How to get life ticket?
Just clear Daily Quest▶Daily Quest translate
 We can get one life ticket when we cleared a daily quest everyday.
1ticket par 1day.
item box
stamina water /10 point revival
when your energy is empty, Use it. Your energy will revive.
※This bottle is only for one time and 10point revive.
※You can use revival water  5 bottles par one day.
※It resets 5:00am in japan.
※You can buy this stuff in the shop.
アメゴールド100Ag. Level.0
item box
Layla's stamina water /10 point revival
when your energy is empty, Use it. Your energy will revive. This is a limited item.
※This bottle is only for one time and 10point revive.
※You can use revival water  5 bottles par one day.
※It resets 5:00am in japan.
※You can buy this stuff in the shop.
※Quest item.
item box
Power water for watermelon
when you use it the water melon will grow up immediate.
※this item is consumption article only one time.
※you can use this only for watermelon.

※to use this bottle, you need plant level 8.

※this is the limited item 5July~ 19July
, but you can use whenever you like.
アメゴールド20AG. level.8
item box
Power water for Rose Tree
when you use it the rose tree will grow up immediate.
※this item is consumption article only one time.
※you can use this only for rose tree.

※this is the limited item 15June-4July 2011.

, but you can use whenever you like.
アメゴールド20AG. level.0
item box

for this game "pigg life" i still haven't spent AG.
so we can enjoy this game without AG.
of course you can buy AG for Level up quick.

So what should you do on this game?
Just Level up and saving "life coins" to get items.
Enjoy making your garden.

Login then? 
Don't for get click "Daily bonus"
②Clear "Daily quest" to get "Life Ticket"
③Water back and water someone maximum 60 times. 
②Harvesting and cooking, Sewing, Use Maximum your stamina. 
③then you Plant seeds. we can Plant without stamina.
④Clear the quest.

How  to Level up?
Plant level: Harvest and Water your plants.
Flower level: Water someone's plants.( you can help 60 times maximum. par 1 day.  you can help 3 times for 1 person )
Cooking level: Cook some foods with your crops.
Sewing level: Spin threads, Weave cloth, Dye cloth, Sew clothes. [you can start sewing since "plant level 20"]
Saving coins: Harvesting, Cooking, Making clothes [sewing] 

if it is zero, you should wait until the energy get back.
for 1point get back you need 5 minutes. 
-stamina action-
water your plant
▲If your stamina is zero, you can't do these action.
※but without energy you can plant.

Plant level point increase ①harvesting a plant ②watering your plants.
when you level up, your stamina point revive, and total stamina point increase, [max30point when plant level30]

flower level is just your watering help.
you can help 60 helps maximum par one day.
( for one person 3times maximum )
This level is most slowly increase. Don't forget water someone.
cooking level is just cook somthing.

 sewing level.
spin  threads.
Weave cloth
Dye cloth
Sew clothes
[you can start sewing since "plant level 20"]


You can eat 20 times par one day.
This is just for daily eatable left.
You can eat only one time from one person.
when you are eating this level and stamina is appeared.

that your daily help left.
you can water someone's plant 60 times par one day. 
you can water to one person maximum 3 times.
if it is 0 you can't any help more. so you should wait the day next.

it's your life coin.
-How to save-
click login bonus.
harvest a plant
clear the quest

▼profile translation

Pigg Life time is reset at 5:00am in Japan time.
※pigg time is 0:00 in japan.
※pigg fishing game is 5:00am in japan.
Why need to be watered from someone?
 when you get watered, that's plant's number of crop will increase.

Why people staying at the market without talking?
they leave their account to get watered.

How do i get watered?
water someone first, before you ask someone to water.
almost they will water you back.

How do i find the quest plants?
Find the person whose Level +1 of you.
then go to his/her garden, and find your quest plant.

Where do i get the straw hat?
The straw hat is only for first starter's limited before "pigg life" is public released.
so you can't get that item.

For level up quick without AG.
①Cultivate and sow a lot as possible as you can, it's quite level up fast.
②Don't forget water someone 60times everyday.
but, for this way you have to spend many coins to saw.
so the problem is always poor life coins.
but after 14~15 level, the plant grow slowly. so you can save coins.
until 14-15 level, it's better cultivate and sow a lot.

For saving coins.
cooking is the best way to save coins.

How to expand the Garden?
check this post▶how to expand?

I can't cook. Why?
① At first your cooking level is enough?
② If you don't have enough ingredients you can't cook. 
For example, strawberry juice, you need 4 strawberries.
③ If your cooking level is under 8, you don't have "stove oven table". If your level reach level8, get "stove oven table". 

How do i say in japanese on my profile?
almost users are writing their plant name on their profile. 
that's for getting water and to be found easily quest items.
almost Japanese user can not speak english well.
it's better to write your profile in japanese.
then always translator site is incorrect translation.
i have never seen foreigner writes collect japanese.
so use these phrase if you want.

to get  water help, it's better saying these things↓ on your profile.
① water back promise. 
② your garden's plant list

① water back promise. ask water
I will water back promise. 

please water my plants
Please water my plants, i will water back sure.

② your plants list.
vegetable  kanji / hiragana  / katakana / half size katakana(all possible)
strawberry  苺 / いちご / イチゴ / イチゴ
tomato - / - / トマト / トマト
carrot  人参 / にんじん / ニンジン / ニンジン
potato - / じゃがいも / ジャガイモ / ジャガイモ
onion  玉葱 / たまねぎ / タマネギ / タマネギ
pumpkin - / かぼちゃ / カボチャ / カボチャ
cabbage - / - / キャベツ / キャベツ
eggplant  茄子 / なす/ ナス / ナス
bell pepper - / - / ピーマン / ピ-マン
paprika  南瓜 / - / パプリカ / パプリカ
blueberry - / - / ブルーベリー / ブル-ベリ-
raspberry - / - / ラズベリー / ラズベリ-

Flower  katakana / half size katakana(both possible)
begonia ベゴニア / ベゴニア
pansy パンジー / パンジ-
poppy ポピー / ポピ-
gerbera ガーベラ/ ガ-ベラ
lavender ラベンダー / ラベンダ-
margaret マーガレット / チュ-リップ
peony シャクヤク / シャクヤク
lily ユリ / ユリ

tree katakana / half size katakana(both possible)
apple リンゴ / リンゴ
orange オレンジ / オレンジ
cherry サクランボ / サクランボ
pear ラフランス / ラフランス
chestnutクリ / クリ
walnut くるみ / クルミ
for example this is my profile▼
full時は翌日返し 5/30開始

 there are all plants until this level★
when i found your water help i will back fast♥
if it is full, i will water back next day. 
i started pigg life 30may.
poppy, garbera, paprika, blueberry until this level all stuff are here. 


Me and my friends, We hadn't liked so much "pigg life" when I started pigg life.
but i had kept playing this game only for translate this blog,
finally, Almost my friends like this game so mach better than pigg.
It's simple and no need to think well, no need to technique, no need to stay long time like casino, fishing and pico. 
We can play this game almost without AG.
So Everyone can enjoy this game.
If you need to help about translation, come to this blog. It will help you.
Enjoy your pigg life.


  1. i forgot where i commented on
    so please answer here too
    can i remove a plot of land?
    and why isn't my strawberries growing?

  2. yuna why i cant find rose tree?
    sorry and thx :)

  3. how to start fishing...........
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  4. ஐPuput Imutஐ>>
    sorry i answer too late.
    have you already found the rose tree?
    do you mean u cant find rose tree in your seed box?
    rose tree is in tree page.

    hey rajamaya. Dont u start anything ringht?
    do you have pigg account?
    and have you already started pigg life?
    if you had both started, you already know how to start fishing and cooking.
    if you have still not started, first step, start ameba pigg and pigg life.

  5. hear a doubt, there is a mission, so to speak, that I can not complete, some flowers are not roses but rather the name, supoene asking me, four other water gardens, planting and watering eight mine, but I ask four others and do not ask me, I thought it would be, others water it my silver roses, but despite that have spread and did not complete because not honestly do not understand the Japanese and I have no more ideas to try.

  6. are you talking about the event?

    I translate all pigg life event.▼


    All my blog's readers had cleared the event quest, they cleared faster than me.

    If you can't understand something, Ask me before you give up.
    When I find your comment, I will answer.

  7. I can't read much Japanese. Still, I have tried to figure out how to get new clothes in Pigg Life but failed. Can you help me out?

  8. oh nevermind my question. I have to sew new clothes myself, dont I? >_<

  9. i posted all sewing quest , so check it now this URL.


  10. thank you so much, you are such a big help :)

  11. ユナーチャン


  12. 30 is the maximum of stamina.
    If your stamina is already 30, it not increase.

  13. How do you grow golden chestnuts and roses? :)

  14. there are on the tree page.
    くり is chestnut
    are rose.

    did you find these tree?

  15. Not really i'm at 29, it never went up after that, gonna try again and level up and see if stamina goes up! THANK YOU

  16. Yuna! it went up finally, i think it skipped once =)

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  18. can you eat the stuff that you cook?and how?

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