06 August, 2011

How to buy Ameba Gold?

There are 5 way to buy pigg Ameba Gold.
credit card webmoney Japanese mobile phone Au mobile phone's Easy Pay Internet Shoping Mall
only this Japanese card that is resisted
Internet prepaid money
in Japan
buy on Japanese mobile Phone
Au's mobile phone's special payment buy on "Rakuten"
as internet shoping point
whose Japanese credit card you can buy on another site. whose Japanese mobile phone whose Au's mobile phone only
only for Rakuten's member

I don't know your credit card is resisted 3D-secure or not.
If your credit card work, Use it. Credit card is the easiest way.
But Usually foreigner's credit bard doesn't work.

If you don't live in Japan, Purchasing by Credit card or Japanese mobile Phone are impossible. Then Internet Shopping Mall "楽天" Rakuten doesn't have english page.

Don't worry. 
To Buy Webmoney, you can get Pigg ameba gold.

What's Webmoney?
Webmoney is internet prepaid money, only in Japan.
Web money official site 
Webmoney is 16figures code [ number and alphabet are mixed randomly]  .
▼When you buy Webmoney, they will give you 16code like this. 
I checked official webmoney site, but this service is only for Japanese people whose Japanese mobile phone and Japanese credit card.
Then This service doesn't have english page.
So don't register on this official site. 

But you can buy Japanese Webmoney on another site.
for example this site ▶SuToCorp
You can buy Webmoney by US dollar. Maybe you can use Paybal.
This site is a little bit expensive. but I think that's good price.
So Search on google as "Buy Japanese Webmoney" in your language.
Sometimes you can get more cheap.
If you want to know How much today's "yen", put "yen" on google search, you will know today's rate.

①So first step is Buy Japanese Webmoney on another site. For example this site▶SuToCorp
Search on google as "Buy Japanese Webmoney" in your language, in your country.
I can't answer how do you buy or resister on another site. So buy yourself.
◀webmoney's mark
▼Usually when Webmoney is sold, this picture is used.

②When you got Webmoney Code.
Go to Pigg or Pigg life [both same walette].
 don't forget login pigg.
①Buy on pigg life
①Buy on pigg
②Go to the Shop
②Go to the Shop
④Then you will arrive this page.
Choose "Webmoney"

⑤Then Choose Price.
important  important  important important important
Be careful !!!!
You Choose only 1,000円(952アメゴールド)like this picture. It means 1,000yen as 952AG.
Never click Another Choice
Why not?
You shoud choose only  1,000円(952アメゴールド). 
If you click another 1000アメゴールド or 3000アメゴールド and so on..
you need 1050webmoney or 3150 webmoney, you need +5% (as tax).
If you click [price] +アメゴールド. maybe you can't charge or some your webmoney will be left. If some webmoney is left [ for example under 499 point webmoney is left ] you can't never use that balance.
Please Be careful and Don't ask me after you mistook, I can't help you after the accident.

⑥Put your Webmoney code 16 figures [number and alphabet are mixed]
⑦Click "お支払いを行う"Pay

If you bought over 1000 points Webmoney, for example you bought 3000 points, you repeat this action 3 times. Until your Webmoney will be 0. 

That's all
Can you understand well?
I can't image you can understand this page or not.
Because I'm Japanese. If I hadn't been asked "How to buy AG?" I haven't knew that foreigner's credit card doesn't work on pigg.

So if you can't understand, Please post here.

If you know another solution to buy Pigg Ameba Gold for foreigners, Post here as comment. 

Get 1 Ameba Gold everyday

In Japan, You can buy Webmoney at the all convenience store irrespective of age, address .
That's why everyone have bought Ameba Gold on Ameba pigg, even if they are kid. 
So If you come to Japan, Check the Convenience Store, You can buy Webmoney easily.


  1. Thank you for this! ^__^
    I remember buying amegold this way, many years ago but I couldn't remember how I did it. I've tried to buy amegold with my credit card last week, and I was able to do the 3D-secure, but after that it just went to the starting page of credit card payment. luckily my credit card haven't been charged.

    But thank you! ^__^ now I can expand my garden.

  2. Azu>>
    ur welcome
    idk why sometimes foreigner's card doesn't work even if they resisted 3D-secure.

    and congrats for your garden;)

  3. I understand thank you very much.
    Is kind of complicated though (._.)
    Can I add you in Pigg?

  4. ★Miki★>>
    u are welcome.
    i cant add any more on any where sorry.

  5. Ahh, maybe I'll try this! There is also campaign in the ameba main page that gives free 30G if you sign up your account in poupee girl. I got mine instantly~!

    Thanks always for the translations, Yuna! ^^

  6. oh i dont play poupee girl. but its okai
    ur welcome.

  7. Can i buy ameba gold with phone in Indonesia?

  8. um im from the uk how can i buy ameba pigg gold?

  9. thankyou, i just boucht 1000 ag ^^

  10. Hi miss YUNA,can I buy ag using "Nokia" Mobile in Malaysia?? :)

  11. actually rakuten does have an english page. It is called global rakuten.

  12. I can Buy the master card in walmart in with that i canbuy cg?

  13. Hello.
    I was trying to buy アメG with credit card and it says 「現在諸事情により一部の海外クレジットカードのご利用を停止しております。ご了承ください。」we're not allowed to use foreign credit card, though... we use to before, why not now?

  14. can u give me a webmoney i wunnu have cg so bad

  15. my webmoney number wont work why? :C

  16. I beg you, if allowed taught me how to free shipping without money Belize and I will be thankful to you

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