07 September, 2011

Challange Card / Star collections on pigg

Challange card translation. [ Star collections on pigg ]
true name▶チャレンジカード challenge card

Have you already completed challange card in pigg?
This is not so different of pico star collections.
maybe more easier than pico.

Page1 black
Page2 blue
Page3 red
▼number color 
No. Quest earn
1 Let's go somewhere. 2
2 Click "hi" action. 2
3 Props someone. 2
4 Visit someone's room. 2
5 Ring someone. 2
6 Change clothes. 2
7 Decor your room. 2
8 Click the shop. 2
9 Click the scratch card. 2
10 Take a picture. 2
11 Edit your profile. 2 ピグの設定変更
12 Edit your room setting. 2 ピグの設定変更

13 Use a token. 3
14 Let's go to 渋谷 Shibuya. 2
15 Let's go to 浅草 Asakusa. 2
16 Let's go to 沖縄 Okinawa. 2
1 Let's go to 京都 Kyoto. 2
2 Let's go to the newbie's park 2
3 Go to the flea market and meet 源 Gen. 2
4 Go to 茶屋 chaya. 2
5 Go to Casino. 2
6 Go to the lounge of the casino. 2
7 Go to the fishing area. 2
8 Let's go to Hokkaido. 2
9 Send buddy request. 3
10 Make a buddy. 3
11 Click zoom and zoom out button. 2
12 Join a community. 2 ▶How to join a community?
13 Follow your buddy. 2
14 Send a letter. [ for over 18 yeaars old service. If you are under 18 years old you can't do it.] 2
15 Talk whisper with your buddy [ for over 18 yeaars old service. If you are under 18 years old you can't do it.] 2
16 Use pocket item. 5
1 Buy something by gummies. 5
2 Invite your friend to pigg.
20 click that icon on pigg
3 Complete a scratch card. 50
4 Play reversi. 5
5 Play match cards. 5
6 Play Rock paper scissors. 5
7 Play Math. 5
8 Play 大富豪 Daifugo. 5
9 Meet the Edo lord in Ooku Hallway. 30
10 Go to the disco and meet special 3 dancers. 30
11 Meet the Pharaoh. 30
12 Watch Volcano explosion. 30
13 Team up and beat the monster. 30
14 See fountain show at the Las Vegas. 30
15 Get a fish at the fishing area. 30
16 Get a pole and bait by fishing point. 5


  1. could u explain how to do: Invite your friend to pigg one since its all in japanese. thanks

  2. I tried the challenge 12 of the first page but i don't see the link "お部屋への入室" . Can you help me ?

  3. hello friends sorry answer too later.

    just click that icon and put your friends e-mail address then next page,
    you put.
    1. your name
    2. friends name.
    3.PC→your friend's PC e-mail address
    4.no need to put 携帯
    5.put same e-mail address again → @

    go next page.
    check the article.

    left button is 招待メールを送る"send" right button もどる"back"

    click left button.
    that's all.

    that's in the setting.ピグ設定変更
    Just change the 1st check >> お部屋への入室 means room entry. 全員OK:everyone ok! / ピグともはOK buddies ok / 誰もこないでno one

    ♡ νєяσηι¢α ♡>>>
    Just buy them in fishing game area by fishing point.
    at the all fishing area, always someone is shop with that icon.
    so check it out at the any fishing game area.
    not fishing shoping mall and event game area.

  4. Hi yuna! I finally added a friend and completed the challenge card, but how can I get the reward? Why I don't have a reward? Thanks!

  5. Hey Yuna, how do i do this one, every time i go Gen is always sleeping? Page #2/No.3 ( Go to the flea market and meet 源 Gen)

  6. Hi Yuna,

    Can i ask question?

    That is >メールアドレスの形式が正しくありません。
    And V
    Thanks !

  7. ヒロ That's not Gen. Gen is the furniture - guy with a towel on his head.

  8. Are the numbers on the card different now? I completed some that wasn't in the right order. I'm having trouble with number 9 on the third card. I don't know which one it is (´・_・`)

  9. And if I do have to go to the Edo Lord, how do I do it? I go there but nothing is happening.

  10. Sorry for posting again. I figured it out.

  11. Yuna, how can I chsnge my name? i want to change my name. :(

  12. Arigatou YUNA ^^
    your blog are very helpfull~

  13. Yunaa.. i created an ameba pigg account but i dont know how to fish its so hard D: and i cant fish

  14. How do i meet the 3 special dancers in the disco

  15. Yuns.. When i invite my friend I didnt get my 4500 ag :( how do i get it?

  16. please help me in the 4th card callenge i don't understand the star of this challenge card.. :(