04 August, 2011

How to expand the garden?

expand your rooms in pigg life

you can expand maximum 12 area.

At first to expand first area, you need 5 "land permit" and 1000 coins.
The price and land permit number increase after 2 lands.

But Don't worry, You can expand without AG.

[1] At first Get 5 Land permit.
Where is land permit? 
There is 2 way to get Land permit.
 ①exchange life ticket  or ② buy in the shop by Ameba Gold. 1Land permit is 100Ameba Gold.

exchange life ticket to land permit
Go to the market. and ask him▼

You need 3 Life ticket for one Land permit.

※How to get life ticket?
just clear daily quest.
you can get 1 life ticket par one day.

② buy in the shop by Ameba Gold. 
1Land ticket is 100Ameba Gold.

[2] Expand the Land
① Click "Decor"

②Then Click "Expand" green button

▼ Will you expand your room?
Click the pink button. はい"yes"

▼If you have enough "Land permit"and coins
will you expand?

click pink button はい yes

▼If you don't have enough "Land permit"and coins
①Click blue button土地券を購入するGet "Land Permit"
②then choose
Leftマルシェで購入する Exchange at market.
RightアメGで購入する Buy with AG
 ③Get some "Land permit"

▼Choose your expand position

◀You added a land.

that's all

Ameba sais Don't expand randomly, if you don't have any land plan.
▶check pigg life official blog

How many expand?
land permit
Life Coins
1 5 1000
2 7 5000
3 9 10000
4 12 16000
5 14 23000
6 30 30000
7 30 40000
8 30 50000
9 ? ?
10 ? ?
11 ? ?
12 ? ?


  1. hi yuna! i didn't know at first what the permits were for. thank you for writing about it!! your blog has been a really big help. i just started using my pigg again after finding your blog. :D thank you so much for taking the time to maintain this blog!

  2. pajama>>
    you are welcome.
    btw, this post is not for pigg its for "pigg life".

    different site

    i wish all my blog readers play pigg well.

  3. Hi Yuna,

    Yeah^^, thank you for posting it. Now I understand better how it works.
    Its always good to know if I want to expand later on.

    Thank You ^^

  4. kitamura>>
    i m glad to hear that.
    keep up ur pigg life

  5. thanks for sharing.....you're great^^