19 March, 2011

How to earn 1AG everyday? Daily LOT

Do you know we can get 1AG everyday in pigg?

That's really easy.

just click an advertisement.

① Open your ameba main page.

② click  今日の抽選をポチっとクリック! 
 that is under your picture, with small black bear.

③ then an animation starts, a bear rowing canoe.
    this is Daily LOT.
Daily LOT
Win:あたり  a bear can arrive the sea ➜ you can get 3〜5 AG
Lose: はずれ a bear drop down into the fall ➜ go to the next step

④ click the advertisement. new page will open.

that's all. 

after 5~6 days you will get 1AG.

when you lost don't worry, i play pigg almost 2 years, but i have never seen my win.


  1. I played for years too and never seen mine win, then I did an account to my sister and she won in the first day. how lucky she's ><
    The kuma stand in the lumber and continues to an island e__e

  2. wow what's a lucky girl your sis. congrats ;)

  3. I played for an year and finally got my win :D

  4. congrats;)
    i haven't seen my win xDD

  5. Has anyone been experiencing glitches?

  6. Sophie >>
    something happened?

  7. and how can i know that i have that AG ??? =O i can see it in the game ameba pigg??? =O i´m new in the game ^^U and i´m worry because i don´t have any token more :S and i want to buy more clothes T__T

  8. i never wwin even the 1st day last 2010 and now its 2012 i never win :'(

  9. i cant find the black bear now ??