31 October, 2011

Maple tree event

Maple tree event has started now on pigg life.
This event is until 15th November 2011.

I guess you are tired about pigg life event, right?

It's always hard to complete.

sorry this is quick post.
i won't be on any website for 3days.
It's slowly update ><

then i haven't cared about your all questions.
Please wait a little moment to check all your questions.

Have a pretty pigg time. xx

▲This is Maple Tree 
to plant this tree, you need plant level.8

Plant Maple Tree 5 times.

reward : 2000coins and power water for maple tree [grow up quick]

① Harvest Maple 5 times.
② Water someone's Maple Nuts 10 times.
reward : stamina water 10 point revival


①Make Maple cookies 4 times.
when you harvest a maple, sometimes you can get a maple leaf.
you can use a maple leaf for maple cookies.

②Eat Maple Cookies 3 times.
a maple cookie is your buddy list's admin Emily's garden.
go to her room and eat cookies.
Reward: Limited set wear



  1. yes! Another event! I was getting tired of planting orange pumpkins and black pumpkins...

  2. Just saw chickens and cows at Emily's garden. Is it just decoraton or something you can buy/get in the event?

  3. Haven't figured out the animals - anyone know anything?

  4. The PiggLife blog says that there's going to be maintenance on the 4th from 4am to 9am Japanese time. They're expanding and refreshing the server, and it also says they're preparing for new functionality, but it doesn't say what, and to be honest 準備(preparation) doesn't necessarily mean the changes will be applied this time.

  5. Oh! Now there's an icon that looks like a barn between the 'plant' and 'move items' buttons. You can get two kinds of chicken and cow :D

  6. how can you give names to the chicken and cows?

  7. @アエギパン: press 'move items' > select an animal > press 設定 (settings) > enter name > save

  8. thank you! i thought that would remove them like items haha...

  9. Do you have to be a certain level to make the maple cookies? They're not in my recipe book, I can't figure out what's wrong.

  10. @Dearest_Princess You need to level 8 or 9 to be able to make the cookies.

  11. One more question. How do I level up? It's not letting me cook anything. I can't figure out the first kanji but the rest says "-具の前に泣てるようにしてください"
    I can't figure out what it means.

  12. Never mind, I was able to figure it out.

    Thank you so much Trickysituation for helping :)

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  15. No, I'm so confused >.<

    How do I make maple cookies? My cooking level is 9 and I have all the ingredients and all the tasks done (except for making the cookies).
    Please help?

  16. Did you buy the baking oven? There are two cooking surfaces. One is a plain kitchen counter top. You need the oven to make cookies. You can buy it in the shop.

  17. For challenge 4 does anybody know how to get the golden looking egg and the milk tank? :)

  18. It's in the market. You have to exchange one stamp each.

  19. Thank you Jessica, that makes perfect sense~

  20. You can actually get the golden egg and the milk tank from your chickens and cows :>

  21. @neko79: Really? I've never gotten any and I've had them for several days.
    Ugh how come sometimes I don't get the stamp from making the maple cookies? :(

  22. Yes it's true.Yesterday I got one golden egg.Although even if my animals are watered to the fullest at most Ill get two regular items.

    Today I watered my maple trees and got 2 leaves for every tree - is that how it is now?

  23. Sophie, the Ameba blog says the 2 leaves gift is on for 24 hours, after which it will go back to normal. November 10 8pm to November 11 8 pm Japanese time. Make sure that you harvest a lot of maple trees during that time!

  24. How to find the flour , i can't see them anywhere.
    please help. Thanks!

  25. even when I get the golden egg or milk tank, it doesn't work :/ Is there any special trick? Do I need to something with the golden egg?

    @BrightSM you need to harvest some wheat to get the flour :)

  26. oh! thank you so much for answer :) but my levels.... OTL