21 February, 2011

How to start pigg

at first click this ↑ 
Lst's go to pigg

click an orange button or a pink bar like this picture↓

 then you go this page.

put your e-mail address there.

then. Click a button ➜  確認メールを送信

then, you will get a mail from Ameba.

Open your e-mail box.

and check a mail from Ameba.

this is a mail from Ameba▼
click a first URL on this e-mail

then, you make your account▼

①Ameba ID : your ameba ID, [ unable to change. it will be your ameba blog's URL. ]

②pass word

③pigg name [ you can change later ]
④female or male

⑤birthday ex)1999 年 09月 09日

then you click the button▶ 確認する

check your info

then put the same numbers.
then click▶ 規約に同意して登録 

then you will be in your Ameba page.
click there like this picture to make pigg▼

then you make your pigg account.

same system of pico. 
but some skin colors and hairstyles and eyes are not exist on pigg.

if you complete always click a pink button.

Let's go your pigg room. 

 when you enter your pigg room first time. 
HITOMI starts to guide you. HITOMI is like Chloe.
You should take her guidance.
because, after her guidance you can get 10 tokens.
so it is really important. 

she teaches you about props and rings and how to chat and how to move.
so you always click a pink point.

then you will get gummies and 10 tokens.


  1. Can i ask you something,please?
    how to go to the moon?

  2. at first, get space suits at lest area of the space area.

    there are 2 space area. left and right.

    then you wear space suits.

    you go to the right space area.

    when you enter the space shuttre, click the orange point, you can go to the space

  3. thank you for helping me =D ,your room in pico is very cute

  4. soo thx i can't Do it by myself ican't do this without u thxxxxxxxx soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much :DDDDDDDDD Like your blog heheh

  5. yuna how to change your pigg password? i forgot it but I can still open it cause it is logged in.. but I can't use pigg in other computers.

  6. Sorry, I want To Ask.
    I Make Ameba Pigg Account There Is Something I Don't Understand Under The Birthday. Help Me Please :(

  7. Add me in Pigg please Pigg ID => Gumadlaschristine2

  8. Karina Nur Andi Septiyanti>>
    sorry i found your comment too late.
    did you find your solution?
    what cant you understand under the birthday?

    Bhoszk Tin>>
    sorry i dont add anybody..

  9. hy Yuna,.. sorry, can Tell me where to get the box?

    cube, round-corner, and others,..
    I can't read japanese


  10. hello Luilz.

    Do you mean blocks by gummies?

    blocks are at 渋谷[shibuya] area

    there are 渋谷 area.

    blocks are middle area. names 渋谷道玄坂 [shibuyadougenzaka]'s final area . names 道玄坂上.

    If you cant find tell me again.

  11. YUNA, can you help me again on something..i want to add soemone on ameba but won't let me add..looks like this..and should be this instead?

    its probably the setting or something..if u could help out that be wonderful..could not find what was going on.


  12. I will login and check later. But There is nothing spécial for setting.

  13. alright thanks yuna, it may be i added lots ppls in one day or something but its fine now.

  14. Hi Yuna,

    Can i ask question?

    That is >メールアドレスの形式が正しくありません。
    And V
    Thanks !

  15. YUNA why there is not popping up like on youre photo????

  16. and where can i find my email i cant see it -_-

  17. Yuna, when i will be at my Ameba Page, where do i click to start making my pigg character? Please help.. if it's the pink button in the circle, it won't do cause it's gonna be "This webpage is not available" link opening at new tab:


  18. Hello yuna, How are you?
    I have my problem is about I have not found travel and buddies in pigg. You know how to solve those? I'm using google chrome, then I logged in as my acc in pigg then I cannot see those menus such travel, and buddies. Thanks.

    1. Ah, I know the problem ! you're not older and those menus just popped out, soi suggest to change your birthdate's year

  19. Could you tell me how to add friends?

  20. but why is hitomi not coming to my house?

  21. If you can't travel,you are banned,because your age is under 18
    So set the birthday 1990 :D

    (Sorry i am reply)

    1. How do I change my age? Can't find how to do it anywhere...@___@

  22. hey yuna,i want to ask you,i go to my room for the first time,you say hitomi will come,but why hitomi not coming to my room yet ?? i really confuse because i can not doing anything :(

  23. Does anyone need to know how to earn ag ? ;D if you guys dont really know , do visit my blog . http://tutorialamebapigg.blogspot.com/

  24. when i want to create a pigg, there's a error.
    here the screenshot:http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/208751_131189047063718_1456749370_n.jpg

  25. Help! My pigg account looks like it wont get accessed!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. And there starts another "what I got myself in to" episode. How to copy-paste text to translate the text others are saying to me? When I entered some room I was flooded by some kind of coins and I couldn't translate what two people said to me as chrome didn't show any letters nor I was able to highlight the text itself, only names.

  28. hey can you please help so i started ameba pigg and the snowman dude came up and i had this orange circle i did half of it but i cant translate it so please help