14 October, 2011

Halloween Pigg Room Photo Contest

Halloween Pigg Room Contest
12. October 〜26. October 2011

星Contest theme星
pretty Halloween room
that we want to have party there !

Best coordinate for 30 people
limited pigg item
1000 AG
First step take your room picture on Ameba camera.
save it into Ameba album.

then close this camera
click gray button as close

Next step is contest entry.
Go to this URL
halloween room contest entry
 You are on this page▲
Just click 記事を書く▼ Under this page.
On Nest page


Click "means post"
12. October 〜26. October 2011.


You have already entered into this contest.
If you don't post from this button, you can't join.
・If you will post later, post from this URL again 
If you delete your post and rejoin, post from this URL
Click "means post"

then edit page will come.

I don't know which edit page will come on your page.
normal editor or html editor

But in both edit page, you should be careful to edit.
Be careful. Don't delete these phrase▼
▼normal editor

【ハロウィン】受賞するとアメGが貰える、お部屋コンテストに参加しよう☆ ブログネタ:【ハロウィン】受賞するとアメGが貰える、お部屋コンテストに参加しよう☆ 参加中
▼html editor
<a href="http://kuchikomi.ameba.jp/" target="_blank" ><img src="http://stat.ameba.jp/common_style/img/home_common/home/ameba/allskin/ico_kuchikomi2.gif" alt="【ハロウィン】受賞するとアメGが貰える、お部屋コンテストに参加しよう☆"/></a> ブログネタ:<a href="http://kuchikomi.ameba.jp/user/listEntry.do?prId=7564">【ハロウィン】受 賞するとアメGが貰える、お部屋コンテストに参加しよう☆</a> 参加中<br /><div>本文はここから<br /><br /><br /><br /></div>
these phrase are necessary to join to the contest.
so Don't delete these phrase.

※But if your blog editor is style of html you can delete this phrase▶本文はここからit means, Write from here. If it is difficult, no need to touch about it.

on html editor▼

Edit your blog
①Put a title
②put your room's picture.
③then you introduse about this room.
④then click 投稿する [means post]

Click the public post
normail editor▼

Don't click another button. 
If you click another 2 button, you will not be judged.

another button means
下書き(非公開)draft    アメンバーに限定公開 post only for blog buddies

You should click only 全員に公開 public post

that's all

sometimes i had joined pigg room contest.

But pigg room contest is only the person whose a tiny bit talent and mostly the good luck will be nominated... almost no need talent or awesome room.

Then surprisingly many people are joinin.

joined list▶http://kuchikomi.ameba.jp/user/listEntry.do?prId=7564

Always I didn't know when the result was announced.
so maybe I can't tell you this contest's result.

Check the staff blog, if you want to know the result.

If you lost to see the result. use this phrase to search▼
serch word▶ ピグ ハロウィンお部屋コンテスト結果
means. pigg halloween room contest result

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